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February 18, 2024

The Society's Stiftungsfest (Anniversary) is a momentous celebration commemorating the establishment of the Plattdeutscher Klub, later renamed the "German-American Society" in 1950, in the year 1884. This upcoming event marks the 140th anniversary of our founding, symbolizing the enduring success and steadfast continuation of German culture and traditions in Omaha.

Traditionally observed on the third Saturday in January, in close proximity to the original founding date of January 6, 1884, this occasion serves as a collective gathering for members to rejoice in the achievements and milestones of the Society over the past year. It's an opportunity to acknowledge the dedicated officers who oversee the business facets of the Society, contributing to its ongoing success.

As part of our commemoration, we typically extend invitations to distinguished guests who share insights on various aspects of German culture or engage in discussions about activities within the German communities in and around the Omaha area. The Stiftungsfest stands as a testament to our shared history and a commitment to fostering a vibrant German-American community for generations to come.

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