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Maifest is our annual celebration of spring.  During this fest, we celebrate the variety of local cultures within Germany, as well as the arrival of warmer weather, and a bit more Bock beer before it’s all gone.  Join us for dance performances, live bands, and German food. 

This year we will be bringing back an OLD tradition.  Prior to the second world war, the German-American community in Omaha would always crown a Maikoenig and Koenigen (May King and Queen).  It was always a big to-do with a full court and royal treatment.  We’re bringing that back this year, but scaled down.  Anyone is welcome to enter their name for consideration; we simply ask that you wear some sort of Tracht (German folk costume), and be there when we select the winner.  Winners will be formally crowned and presented with some prizes.

Volunteering is a great way to make new friends and get connected.  Our events wouldn't be the same without you!  Check out our available volunteer opportunities and sign up below.

Maifest Bar Help (Ratskeller Bar) 2022

Maifest Bar Help (South Hall Bar) 2022

Maifest Door Duty (North Door North Hall)

Maifest Door Duty (Northwest Door North Hall)

Maifest Kitchen Help 2022

Maifest Setup and Cleanup 2022

Maifest Trash Pickup 2022

Maifest Food Service Volunteers


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