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Over 200 years ago, the Turner movement was born. Founder Friedrich Ludwig Jahn believed it is important to have a sound body in a sound mind. When Germans began immigrating to the United States, they shared their love of gymnastics with communities from coast to coast. Many modern activities can be credited to the German-American Turners, including playgrounds and P.E. class.

Today, the German-American Society Turners meet weekly from September to April.  Children between the ages of 2 and 13 gather to learn gymnastics, make friends and have fun! All members are welcome to enroll their children in the program. For more information email our director, Kat Hope Jones at

Meet Your Director

Kat Jones Turner Director.png

My name is Kat Hope Jones and I am so honored to lead your children as Turner Director. I was a Turner myself FOR ELEVEN YEARS (1989-2000)! I assisted with coaching from 1997-2000, and was lead coach under the previous director from 2000-2005. It’s my goal to encourage each Turner to achieve a sound mind in a sound body. With courage, respect and teamwork we will develop valuable life skills designed to promote lifelong wellness through fitness and gymnastics!


For more than 200 years, a Turner's mission has been to achieve A Sound Mind In A Sound Body. Today, we honor the Turner legacy by teaching children valuable life skills designed to promote lifelong wellness through fitness and gymnastics.



We believe respect for oneself, teammates and coaches is essential for every Turner to succeed. The German-American Society Turner Club is dedicated to keeping respect at the center of everything we do.


Without courage, gymnastics could not exist. We are committed to encourage every Turner at every level to strive for new achievements in a safe environment.



Gymnastics was founded with a specific emphasis on the ethical and moral ideals of sportsmanship and teamwork. At German-American Society, each member, coach, and Turner are encouraged to support each other's hard work as we each strive to achieve a sound mind in a sound body.

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