Thank you to everyone who came out to support our 136th German Day-Oktoberfest.  We are always delighted by the love and support we receive from our community.  We hope to see you all next year as we have in the past– with a live fest where we can all linger together, dance to the music, and enjoy our food and beer as friends should.

Thank you also to all of our wonderful staff and volunteers.  We say it again and again, but it remains true: YOU are what makes this event possible.


Countdown to our 2021 German Day-Oktoberfest








2021 will mark our 137th celebration of German Day, which we have now paired with Oktoberfest.  Come join us for our biggest celebration of our German heritage.  Our German Day-Oktoberfest features authentic Bavarian foods, including spit-roasted chicken and pork dinners, Bratwurst handmade by our Wurst Klub, and pretzels.  Our German store is open, and we have bands playing in several locations throughout our building and grounds.  There are performances by our singing and dancing groups, and several beer tents offering a number of German beers.  There’s so much going on at this fest, we have to host it for 2 days.  Join us!