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Happy Spring!  Join us May 18 for our 2024 Maifest!


Step into the rich tapestry of German tradition at our spectacular event, where the chance to become Maifest royalty awaits those who don their finest German tracht attire (participants must be 21 or older to qualify). The day comes alive with the resonant sounds of live music, capturing the essence of Germany's musical heritage, while traditional singing and dancing showcase the heartwarming beauty of time-honored songs and dances. The ceremonial keg tapping, where the first drop of beer is released to the cheers of the crowd, marks the official beginning of the festivities. Witness the grand coronation of our Maifest royalty, a moment of grace and splendor.

While exploring the event, don't forget to visit the Little German Store, where you can find charming trinkets, souvenirs, and authentic German treasures to commemorate your experience. Satisfy your cravings with a delectable array of authentic German cuisine available from 12 pm to 8 pm, featuring savory sausages, mouthwatering pretzels, and more. The bar is open to quench your thirst, offering a variety of beverages, including German beers and more.

In the outside circle drive by the flagpoles, engage in the time-honored tradition of beer poking for an authentic German experience, and gain insights into the craft of brewing during a beer demonstration. Take part in friendly competition and camaraderie with an assortment of exciting games.

Best of all, this event is free to attend, so bring your family and friends to immerse yourselves in the charm of German culture without any admission fees. This day promises music, food, and traditions that will create lasting memories for everyone. Prost!

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