We are looking for Volunteers for our German Day-Oktoberfest Celebration September 15th & 16th, 2017.

You can volunteer for the different areas by signing up clicking the signup buttons below.  This is a great way to meet other members and to show that we can work together as a team to put on a great Fest.  Thank you for your time, it is impossible to have successful fests without each and every volunteer. You can volunteer for a shift in multiple areas if you would like to work more than one shift and have some variety in your day.

Tear Down Volunteer–SUNDAY, September 17, 2017

Click here to signup to help with Cleanup on Sunday

Duties: Put away tables, chairs, decorations, and any final cleanup. (Standing, Walking, Lifting).

Admission Gate Volunteer–

Duties: Collecting Admission.  (Sitting, Standing, Making Change).

Click here to Volunteer for the Admissions Gate.

Food Ticket Sales Volunteer–

Duties: Selling Food Tickets.  (Sitting, Making Change).

Click here to Volunteer for Food Ticket Sales  

Wristband Volunteer–

Duties: Checking ids, putting on wristbands.  (Sitting, Standing, Checking Id).
Click here to Volunteer for Wristbands. 

 Kitchen Volunteer–

Duties: Prepping food and working in the kitchen. (Standing, Lifting, Walking).

Click here to Volunteer for the Kitchen Crew.

Beer Truck Volunteer–

Duties: Pouring beer, changing kegs. (Standing, Lifting, Walking, Making Change).

**For Beer Truck Volunteers please be aware there is no drinking while serving, please enjoy your beer before or after your shift or during a break**   

Click here to Volunteer for the Beer Trucks  

Glassware Volunteer–

Duties: Selling Glassware.  (Standing, Lifting, Walking, Making Change). 

Click here to Volunteer for selling Glassware

Trash Pickup Volunteer–

Duties:  Help keep the halls clean. Clearing tables, emptying and replacing trash bags when needed. (Standing, Lifting, Walking). 

Click here to Volunteer for Trash and Table Clearing.  

Weinverein Volunteer–

Duties: Set up Weingarten, Sell Wine, Tear Down Weingarten. (Standing, Lifting, Walking, Making Change).
Click here to Volunteer for the Weinverein.

Membership Table Volunteer–

Please contact Nick Hildenbrandt to volunteer for the membership table.

nhildenbrandt@germanamericansociety.org  or 402-319-5961