We are looking for Volunteers for our 137th German Day-Oktoberfest

September 17-18, 2021

Our annual celebration of Oktoberfest and our German heritage is our largest fest.  Which means we need LOTS of volunteers.  Our volunteers do an excellent job of making this fest happen and allowing it to grow.  Last year we were confined to a drive-through event.  This year, WE ARE BACK!!

You can volunteer for the different areas by signing up clicking the signup buttons below, or–if there are none– by contacting the volunteer captain listed.  This is a great way to meet other members and to show that we can work together as a team to put on a great Fest.  Thank you for your time, it is impossible to have successful fests without each and every volunteer. You can volunteer for a shift in multiple areas if you would like to work more than one shift and have some variety in your day.

Food Sales Volunteers:

Duties: Plating and Selling Food.  (Swiping Credit Cards/Making Change)

Contact David Hollrah at 402 679 1129

Wine Sales Volunteers:

Duties: selling wine

        Contact Frank Sobetski, Jr. at 402 547 8283

Kitchen/Food Prep Volunteers:

Duties: Preparing Food in the Kitchen.

Contact Michael Olk at 402 578 8023 or m_olk@msn.com

Trash Pickup Volunteers:

Duties: Bus tables, change out trash bags, move trash to the dumpster

        Contact Michael Olk at 402 578 8023

Old Ratskeller Brat Grill Volunteers:

Contact Michael Olk at 402 578 8023

Admission and Wristband Volunteers:

Duties: Accept payments, make change, check IDs (MUST BE SAFE SERVE CERTIFIED)

Contact Frank Freihaut at 402 305 0007

Games Volunteers:

Contact Tom Dyrda at 402 680 8987

Rotisserie Volunteers:

Contact Dan Genrich at 402 980 6837

Wurst Tent Volunteers:

Duties: Grill and Serve Bratwurst Meals

Contact Chuck Schulte at 402 658 1955

Beerwagon Volunteers:

Duties: Pouring beer, running credit cards and/or making change; MUST BE SAFE SERVE CERTIFIED

Contact Chelle Nuttlemann at 402 333 6615

Glassware Sales Volunteers:

Duties: Stock and sell glassware

Contact Chelle Nuttlemann at 402 333 6615