Membership truly is meeting lots of new people… there are so many opportunities to do different things and learn different things.  You get out [of membership] what you put in.

Lisa Y.

Member for over 20 years

Membership is great for families– 1 membership covers my whole family.  We have access to discounted gymnastics, a free dance group, and my kids are even welcome at adult-oriented functions.  There’s always something to do, something for everyone, regardless of age.  And when you break it down, it’s cheaper than Netflix.

Sara A.

Lifelong member

It’s a fun group, I’ve met such wonderful friends… and the food is fantastic.

Dot C.

Member for 38 years

Everything stays new– even the fests are different every time.  There’s always something to do, and a lot of opportunities for personal growth– a lot of opportunities that if you don’t step forward, you’ll never know about them.

Dennis S.

Member for 11 years