How to find and enter our Halls.

Office Entrance


The door to the office is a metal door located on the north east side of the building.

During normal business hours, if the door is locked please ring the door bell to the left of the door.

North Hall Entrance

North Hall

The doors to enter the North Hall are the first set of glass doors, on the north west corner of the building.

Handicapped entrance: Please use the office door entrance located on the northeast side of the building.

Please note, during business hours these doors are not typically unlocked.  You should use the office entrance to visit our club manager, or business office.

South Hall Entrance

South Hall

The doors to enter the South Hall are on the west side of the building and are the third set of glass doors, up a small flight of stairs.

Ratskeller Entrance


The Ratskeller, located on the southwest corner of our building, is our basement bar.

The Ratskeller can be accessed from the main parking lot or by driving around the block (from 120th street–turn East on Prairie View Dr., South on 119th St, and West on Howe St.).


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Fax: (402) 758-2714
President: Frank Freihaut

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