Children’s Gymnastics Classes

The Turners are one of the founding organizations of the German-American Society.  We are currently seeking a new director for this proud tradition.  Additionally, we are postponing the start of our season until further notice due to the continued threat of coronavirus.

Typically, our program runs roughly in time with the school year, culminating in an exhibition in the springtime.  It is open to children 2 years and older whose parents are members of the club, and follows the schedule below:

Classes are held in the South Hall on Thursday nights
5:30-6:15pm—Sauerkrauts (Boys & Girls Ages 2-4)
6:15-7:15pm—Level 1 (Boys & Girls Ages 5 and up)
7:15-8:30pm—Level 1+, 2, & 3 (Boys & Girls Ages 5 and up)

If you have further questions or know someone who may be interested in taking on the directorship, please contact our cultural director at